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Welcome to the Outer Empires Wiki

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Outer Empires is a 2D space-based massively multi-player online game created for the desktop browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Chrome). Every player is able to create an online persona in a persistent galaxy; from that point on they can choose from a number of different careers to progress through the game. The game is set up in a sandbox style to allow players to choose how their character develops.

Players have a variety of options, including:

  • Fly missions (transport, combat, exploration, salvage)
  • Set up colonies (Mining, Food and water Production, Manufacturing, Development/Research, or Refining to name a few)
  • Run/join factions (guilds) within the game
  • Take control of and fight for systems (either themselves or as part of a faction)
  • Buy/Mod/Build/Sell ships using a number of variable items that can be created from the manufacture plants players set up.
  • Trade with other players using the new private trade system.
  • Buy and sell various Commodities on the Open Market.
  • Manufacture items to fulfill Government Purchase Orders.

Outer Empires

The Katana, a high ranked ship.
Official Links Media
Getting Started Guides, Tutorials, and Charts
  • OE Help Guide: This guide covers most of the things you need to know about OE and includes links to other Newbie Guides.
  • Interface (Banks, Chat, Energy Bars, Mail, Object Explorer, Ranks and XP, Tactical View Computer)
  • Systems (System Overview, Planets and Moons, Resources)
  • Action Menu
  • Movement (In Space Movement, Hyper Jumping)
  • Click here for more...
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